Wood Door Species Summit Kitchens & Bath offers the following wood species for slab and 5 piece doors:


Knotty Pine



& Other Exotics..

Outside Profiles

Inside Profiles

Raised Panel Profiles


Slab (MDF) 
Benefits of MDF cabinet doors include a reasonable cost and acceptance of a paint finish. An additional advantage of MDF cabinet doors is the resistance of natural expansion & contraction that sometimes occurs in solid wood doors from moisture and temperature changes within a natural environment. Painted finishes seal this type of door construction and provide a very durable product suitable for many applications including; kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, custom built-ins, and even furniture creations. An almost unlimited amount of paint color options are available for this style of door.

This reasonably priced and commonly available synthetic material is a thin, tight, heat-sealed plastic wrap used to mold over an MDF substrate. Thermofoil cabinet doors can be a solid color or imitation wood grain. Thermofoil is available in a range of textures and sheen levels, the most popular choice being solid white with a matte sheen. For a budget kitchen remodel, a thermofoil cabinet door is an easy and economical alternative to white paint.

The downside of thermofoil is its greater susceptibility to heat and moisture compared to other materials. Heat-generating appliances such as coffeemakers and toasters should not be placed too close to the cabinets.

Slab (Veneer) 
The epitome of modern design and function, our veneer slab doors offer sleek lines and curves while maintaining the natural beauty of wood. Available in an extensive collection of standard, exotic and reconstituted veneers for your contemporary settings. An engineered core provides strength, durability and stability. Unlike solid wood doors, veneered doors on an engineered core will never warp, change shape, or crack.

5 Piece – 1/4″ Panel 
5 Piece 1/4″ panel cabinet doors consist of 2 vertical stiles along with 2 horizontal rails joined by a mortise and tenon and a 1/4″ MDF core veneer panel in the center.  They are available in a variety of inside and outside profiles and are probably the most common style of cabinet door.

5 Piece – Raised Panel 
5 Piece raised panel cabinet doors consist of 2 vertical stiles along with 2 horizontal rails joined by a mortise and tenon and a solid 1/2″ raised panel in the center.  This center panel is usually constructed by joining several pieces of solid wood together and planing to thickness. They are available in a variety of inside, outside, and raised panel profiles and are among the more expensive styles of cabinet door. These styles of door are most particular to room humidity and can be susceptible to panel crack if improper room conditions are present. Depending on the wood species, the right temperature and humidity can be critical to the longevity of these doors.